​​​Lucy la Zouche

Lucy la Zouche (1279-1326)

Lucy la Zouche is named in a couple of sources as one of the daughters of Eudo la Zouche. And, there are a lot of family trees which include Lucy. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography confirms that 'Eudo Zouche' (1208-1279), her father, had three daughters and two sons. In 1904, Mayflower Publishing Co. of New York published 'The Greene Family and its branches from AD861 to AD1904' and this quotes 'Halstead's Genealogy' which is a work published by the 2nd Earl of Peterborough in 1685. This confirms the marriage of a 'Lucie la Zouche' to ‘Thomas de Greene’ in 1312. However, both these books were designed to impress their readers and cannot be regarded as completely authoritative. But then, it is very difficult to find reliable written sources from the 13th and 14th Century. Thomas de Grene was lord or squire of Boughton in Northamptonshire. Their son Henry Green (1313-1369) was a lawyer and became Chief Justice of the Kings Bench in 1361. It is possible to follow two lines back from Lucy’s grandfather, Roger la Zouche 1182-1238, through the de Porhoet and de Belmais families to the royal houses of England, France, Germany and Italy and the noble houses of Anjou, Brittany, and Normandy. There is another well-documented line back to the Kings of Ireland, Welsh nobility and the Marshals of England from Lucy's mother Millicent de Cantilupe (1250-1299). And now, Lucy and her siblings can trace their ancestry back through their mother’s line to William the Conqueror and his wife, Matilda of Flanders, and through her to the Counts of Flanders.Read more about all this on the 'My History' page of this website.

Lucy la Zouche - Author

Pen name for the Author of the eclectic series of books featured in this website. Her first book 'My History' , is the story of the real Lucy and her extraordinary ancestors.'Den of Spies'is her first work of faction - a mix of fact and fiction - about Robert de Dene, founding father of the Denne family, and the intrigue surrounding the events of 1066. 'NMC Survival Guide' is an invaluable guide to nurses and midwives facing a referral to the NMC, their professional standards body. 'The Busy, the Bossy & the Bully'is a searing exposé of the bullying culture prevalent in many parts of the NHS, of the ineptitude of the NHS and NMC in handling mental health issues and of the impotence of the NMC in dealing with regulation of the indiscretions and misdemeanours of NHS Trust senior managers.  Her latest book  'Beaumont Crusaders and Campaigners'  tells the story of four entirely separate and quite remarkable families which have, until now, been treated as one by most genealogists. Members of the various Beaumont families have fought in the Crusades, in the Hundred Years’ War, throughout the Wars of the Roses, in the English Civil War, in the Boer War, in the two World Wars and in Korea. They have fought on land and sea and in the air. Others have fought for their chosen causes in Parliament, in local government and in civil society. To visit Lucy la Zouche's shop where you can take advantage of special discounts Click here.