Lucy la Zouche

This is Lucy la Zouche’s latest book and her first work of faction - a mix of fact and fiction. It covers one of the most fundamental periods of change in English History. This was nothing short of dynastic change where Edward the Confessor, the last King from the House of Wessex, was succeeded initially by Harold Godwinson and then by William of Normandy both of whom had absolutely no legitimate claim to the throne of England except force of arms. The book is written in the form of a narrative by a Norman who really existed, Robert of the Dene or Robert de Dene founding father of the Denne family. He is recorded as being, for a time, Pincerna or Cup Bearer to King Edward the Confessor. For most of his adult life he lived at what is now Buckhurst Park at Withyham in Sussex. He and his brother and their descendants became some of the most significant landowners in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. Robert’s descendants, the Denne family, left their mark as there are still three geographic locations in England called Denne Hill, two in Kent near Maidstone and Canterbury and one in Sussex near Horsham.