Lucy la Zouche

Lucy la Zouche was born in 1279 and she knew in her lifetime only that she was definitely related to the nobility of medieval Brittany and might be descended from Charlemagne. In fact, she was descended from the Kings of the Frankish Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties, the Kings of Wessex, the Dukes of Brittany and Normandy, the Counts of Anjou and Flanders and from many other noble houses in Europe, not to mention a number of Saints. A direct descendant of Alfred the Great, Charlemagne and William the Conqueror, she has a pedigree which is second only to that of the British Royal Family. Through the marvels of the World Wide Web, she is able to tell her extended family's story - 'My History'. It is likely that Lucy, her siblings and her cousins have at least 1 million people worldwide who are their descendants. This book will be fascinating to them but also to any historian or genealogist who is interested in the evolution of medieval Europe..