Lucy la Zouche

This book, in two parts, is a searing exposé of bullying in the NHS, of the inability of NHS mental health Trusts to support staff members with mental health problems and of the impotence of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the regulatory body for nurses and midwives, in its dealings with senior NHS Trust managers. The book incorporates 'The NHS, the Uniform & the Blackberry®', the story of James, a mental health trainer who was a victim of bullying and mobbing and was driven to attempt suicide. The second part of the book, 'Justice is a Long Road', tells the rest of his story. It shows how NHS Trusts use their muscle to fend of complaints. And, it shines a bright light on the ineffectiveness of NMC procedures. This book is recommended reading for anyone who has suffered unfairly at the hands of the NHS or the NMC or for anyone who knows someone who has suffered.